Expanded Withholding Tax
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Expanded Withholding Tax | Bir Tax table and Calculator Philippines

Expanded withholding tax on certain income payments and withholding tax on compensation are two of the common withholding taxes you should withheld and remit to the government, when applicable. In turn, the payees of these income payments can claim those taxes withheld as creditable against their income tax due for the corresponding quarters or year […]

Demat account

Advantages of owning a Demat account on Indian shores

Industry Analysis Report
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What is Industry Analysis Report and Why it is Important for Businesses?

What does the future hold? – The answer to this question is of utmost importance for any business owners. Most business owners long for a crystal ball – if anything of that sort exists – to see what’s in store for the future of their business. If there is anything that comes close to a […]

Save your profits

Save Your Profits! Opt for low brokerage fees

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