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7 Fun Marketing Ideas to Spice Up Your Social Media Campaigns

Do you interact with your social media fans?

Do you want to interact with fans more and stimulate their participation?

If you have unique insights and speeches, it will make people like and share your article more.

This article describes 7 ways to solve the problem of interacting with fans.

1. Ask creative questions

Although the things you share are shared by fan comments, if you really want to stimulate fan engagement, you must find an entry point.

Let us assume that you are now in the food industry. For example, you ask: “What is your favorite dish?” I believe that your fans are too lazy to comment on such questions. You can throw questions to your fans in the form of an interesting graphic illustration and multiple-choice questions, so maybe you can get more responses.

 Zomato is a foreign restaurant search application. They have a very classic interactive case. In order to truly understand their fans, they will design some pictures to interact with their fans. Therefore, their posts always get many responses.

Zomato doesn’t just ask open-ended questions. The multiple-choice questions they give their fans are illustrated by a graphic idea.

When you interact with fans, remember that a little surprise and humor can easily create miracles!

2. Organize some unique competitions

Social media competitions are very common these days, so it is important to stand up and do something different or unusual for your brand.

TurboTax is a well-known tax preparation software, this software is not interesting or attractive. They launched a light-hearted Instagram contest to promote its product. When users share this information as required, they will have a chance to win $500. The contest received more than 730 official records.

Think of some competitions that your fans want to participate in, so that when users share your activities, they can also share your social media to stimulate more participation and discussion.

3. Arrange Q&A sessions

Your customer fan base may have a lot of questions to ask, whether it is your company, product, or service. Then, you should establish a question answering link so that customers can get what they want to know.

Create Google Hangouts to chat with Twitter or Facebook, and share what your fans want to know about your company and products on social media.

For example, NASA occasionally arranges Google Hangouts with astronauts and scientists, which is open to those interested in this aspect.

No matter what business you do, when you have an audience you want to know something. You should give them a chance to ask questions so that more social media accounts will participate.

4. Marked people and curated content

First, when you share someone else’s content, remember to mark the original publisher. Original content is the easiest way to attract attention. Under normal circumstances, your fans will comment, thank you for sharing.

Another method is to write a curated article, first select a topic, refer to multiple articles and their authors and links. Then, remember to mark them all in your article.

For example, Andre created a top time social media marketing blog. This is how he operates.

The people mentioned in this curated post may come to express their gratitude. This way your posts will have more comments, and more conversations will be able to expose your own account. And the author you tagged may also share your content, and thus share it on their social media.

5. Encourage users to create content

User-created content (UGC) is a great way for your fans to actively participate in your content sharing. This is the easiest way, but also the trickiest. Because if you accidentally plan the wrong plan, it will be useless. However, you can refer to other brands to unleash your creativity.

Starbucks “whitecup contest” is a very successful UGC contest case. Starbucks invites fans to design doodles on their white cups. And let the fans upload photos of your hand-painted paper cups via Twitter or Instagram, add hashtag #WhiteCupContest, and complete the registration. In the end, a winner will be selected for a unique bonus.

Starbucks shared:

MyStarbucksIdea: Used to collect opinions and announce the method of the event (the method of the event is long and detailed, and those who are interested can check it out)

Twitter: as a registration, platform to inform the progress of the event, spread and attract fans (it is mandatory to follow Starbucks when registering Twitter)

Instagram: As a registration platform, it is convenient for mobile phone upload and diffusion.

Pinterest: show the content created by netizens, gather the recommended works.

Facebook: stir up the atmosphere of the event, accelerate the spread.

Official website: press release, and the center of the entire event information

These platforms are connected in series with each other and can exist alone. When combined, they are powerful. Netizens can choose the platform he wants most according to his own mood, time, and tools.

The event has more than 4000 works in just three weeks. It shows how successful this UGC competition is.

6. Integrate with social events

Even if social events are not directly related to your brand, you can still try to package them on your web page to make them related to your brand, and let it enhance your brand image at once.

Estee Lauder is a world-renowned manufacturer of beauty products. When they carried out a breast cancer (BCA) campaign, fans recognized them more. The slogan of the event is “Listen to our story and share your experience”

Este Lauder invited their fans to visit Let fans listen to breast cancer survivors and share their stories. When their event started, hundreds of people shared their stories on Estee Lauder’s social media.

7. About an incident about to happen and after it happened

On a holiday, an event, or a performance competition, these can always bring you unexpected surprises.

For example, Papa John’sPizza posted on their Facebook about the basketball finals in March. They invited fans to select the winning team and discuss them. Within a few hours, they received more than 50 comments.

When the content you create involves current events, people have already started discussing it before. You give fans a platform for interactive discussion, which will attract more fans to interact. Helps increase your fan participation with custom bottle opener coins.

At last

When you come up with a unique post, you will have many opportunities to stimulate the interaction of your fans on social media.



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