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7 Trendy Fashion Hacks for a Summer Wardrobe

Summer – the season of seaside bikinis, sun-kissed skin and trying to stay comfortable while being reasonably fashionable. Just ten years ago, it might have been challenging to find the perfect balance between staying comfortable and looking good at the same time.

Thanks to the ever-expanding world of fashion, we no longer have to sacrifice style for practicality. Are you looking for the best summer wardrobe? Why not take a look at some of the summer styles listed below?

Mesh & Lace Outerwear

A mesh or lace outerwear can easily complement tank tops, bralettes, french lingerie and other skimpy tops that you wear to feel cooler amidst the hot weather. Panels of mesh give off a sporty vibe, while lace is widely known to be more flirty and elegant.

These materials are suitable for summer because they are airy and breezy, so you only have to worry about matching the colours of your outerwear with the rest of your attire.

Black works better for mesh, while white goes well with lace. Why not have both so that you can mix-and-match your outfits and have multiple options for those warm summer days.

Crop Top with Skirt & Cardigan

The trick to summer attire is to layer your outfit. If you are worried about V-crop tops and skirts being too revealing for day time, you can wear a full-length cardigan, unbuttoned, over your outfit.

Crop tops and skirts work great to keep your skin cool in the summer, while a long, flowy cardigan gives you the fashionable edge that you need. Beyond this pairing, you will not need much else to enhance your outfit of the day.

You can also leverage neutral colour tones to make your summer outfit appear more refreshing and chic.

Opt for Off-Shoulder Tops

Off-shoulder tops will expose your neck and shoulders while covering your upper arm and chest areas. Depending on the type of top that you are buying, your off-shoulder blouse could also have a full-length sleeve and leave your lower abdomen exposed.

Wear an off-shoulder top with flared or short sleeves to feel more summer air against your skin. You can pair this top with denim shorts, skirts or anything else of a matching colour.

Top It Off with Hats & Bandanas

No summer outfit is complete without some accessories. Depending on your summer destination, you may be able to flaunt some hats that would not be fashionable in any other seasons.

You can wear your sharp hat or a wide-brimmed hat to match your long flowy dresses. Alternatively, you can go for cooling bandanas if you are looking for a more casual look.

While hats are a little less flexible in terms of styling, bandanas come in many colours and patterns that you can easily make a collection out of. You might be surprised by the variety that bandanas come in.

Go for Rompers

It is a given that rompers are a comfortable yet fashionable choice that you can wear for almost any occasion.

Thanks to the airy fabric, short sleeves and short pants that comes with every rompers design, one only has to pair the outfit with matching sneakers and simple accessories before heading out.

Just remember to go for white fabric. After all, white is known to absorb heat at a slower rate than darker colours, especially black.

Shirt Dresses

A single shirt dress trumps any other two-piece outfit, simply because no further thoughts need to go into stylizing it. Consider a shirt dress a staple in your wardrobe.

You can wear a shift dress just as it is, leave the first few buttons undone, or wear the entire piece unbuttoned over your comfortable singlet and a pair of denim shorts.

If you are just shopping for one, choose a light-coloured, floral-patterned piece. The design and style can be easily recycled for every season of the year.

Choose Natural Fibres

Whatever outfit style it is that you go for, remember to opt for pieces that are made up of at least 90% natural fibre, such as cotton, linen or silk.

These fabrics are much more breathable and lighter than synthetic fabric, making any clothes created from them suitable for the hot summer days. Remember, it is all about minimizing the layers and materials between the summer breeze and your skin.

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