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A Tale of Barkha Dutt and Her Two Muslim Husbands | Barkha Dutt Marriage Two Husbands

Barkha Dutt is a senior journalist of NDTV. She is 43 years old. Mostly she is often a soft target of gossip mongers because of her disputed marital status.

So many times, whenever her personal life is questioned, she strongly opposed any steps to intrude her privacy. It has been in the limelight that she has been married twice and that too to Kashmiri Muslims. But she always denied about her marital status.

barkha dutt husband

Interesting factor she even tweeted about it sometimes back –

Here’s more. For the record I am not married. But if I were, whether to a Hindu or Muslim should be irrelevant. Bigoted crap — barkha dutt (@BDUTT) June 4, 2014

We may be having rights to interrogate about her personal life, but we definitely does not have any rights to question her personal life. However she fails to adopt this very rule to adopt in her personal life. Because of this reason people are interested in her private life.

If you are interested to read more about Barkha Dutt’s personal life, Here is some of the insight of her personal life:-

The first husband of Barkha Dutt

No one knows exact year of her marriage, but it is said that she married and then divorced a Kashmiri Muslim known as ‘Mir’. There is very less information about him except the rumor that he is a Kashmiri Muslim. Also, there are rumors that her marriage with Mir lasted only for 6 months.

This reminds me of a term ‘Starter marriage’ where the marriage leads to early divorce and the couple forget it really fast as this type of marriage is seen as a form marriage in which you have a marriage with different partners. That is the main reason she never came out in the open as for her it was just a starter marriage.

Barkha Dutt’s second husband who also was linked to anti-India organization

Another rumor is that after she got divorce from Mir. Barkha started dating and married the economist and chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Bank, Dr. Haseeb Drabu. According to source Mr. Haseeb was in the office from 2005 to 2010, so it is a rumor that she married him in that tenure.

He was dismissed from his position in 2010. Because of an IB report was confirmed that Mr. Drabu was sharing information of the bank with two organizations. Because of providing critical information to anti-India organization his interest was clear to sabotage Indian interest. So he was dismissed by the Omar Abdullah Government. Rumors are that he also anticipated a new separate currency for Jammu and kashmit naming it as ‘Karra’. After that he left Kashmir for Mumbai.

Mr. Dabru is currently finance minister of Jammu and Kashmir as he joined PDP, after that he even won the 2015 elections with a very high margin. Rumors are that Mr Dabru and Barkha were the main people who negotiated with BJP from the PDP side. And according to new gossips and rumors that couple are divorced now.


Note: Barkha Dutt has always denied talking about her personal life. The article is based on the gossips and rumors that are widely circulated both on and off the internet.

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