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Best Artificial Intelligence Apps in 2021

Artificial Intelligence apps have become extremely popular due to the steady growth of technology. Different business functions and industries started using AI technology to improve all aspects of work. Therefore, it is no wonder that it started taking the world by storm.

The technology consists of computers to learn from a voluminous amount of data to perform menial and complex tasks. The applications powered by AI are valuable for both a company or an individual, improving their work and helping them get things done on time. Beyond business apps, AI was introduced into the real-world scenario and used in mobile and web-based applications. To the same extent, AI technology massively improved chatbots. Chatbots in the apps and web browsers carry various values ​​that help improve the entertainment experience, enable businesses to reach out to their audiences more broadly, and offer a seamless browsing experience. Artificial intelligence is also improving online casino customer service and support. Since AI forces chatbots to distinguish between crucial keywords, it is ideal for live chat options when customers have questions or concerns. This means that you can get immediate responses to requests, and you no longer must wait.

iOS and Android are mobile operating systems available that are increasingly embedding AI-enabled apps. Therefore, the growing industry of smartphones becomes a crucial driving factor in the development of AI applications. In the past years, AI apps become more viral and bring higher recognition and more significant profits to their developers. Here are some of the most popular Artificial Intelligence apps in 2021.


Alexa is an AI-powered virtual assistant created by Amazon, which works with Amazon Echo. This virtual assistant delivers numerous services to its users, such as voice queries, NLP, voice interaction, music playback, solving questions. Other than this, it is designed to create to-do lists, stream podcasts, set up alarms, play audiobooks, and provide real-time information on news, weather, traffic, sports, and more. Alexa uses the Wolfram language to convert speech into text and provide accurate answers to the questions.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an AI-driven virtual assistant developed by Google. It is designed for mobile and smart home devices, and it works based on the device’s language set to support a language. The set of languages available is broad, including English, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, and many others. Users can use the Google Assistant through their natural voice and by using the keyboard input. The range of tasks done by this AI assistant is wide. They include playing music, searching for a great restaurant, calling people, and even help users get valuable information from Google and various jokes.


Siri is the virtual assistant from Apple, which doesn’t need too much of an introduction because it is one of the most popular AI apps. This AI-powered virtual assistant is available on major Apple platforms, like iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and audios.

Siri leverages voice queries and a natural language user interface (UI) to function, and it can make calls, send text messages, answer questions, and offer recommendations. It delegates requests to several Internet services. Moreover, Siri can adapt to users’ language, searches, and preferences.


Microsoft developed a popular artificial intelligent application for its devices named Cortana. This app syncs your smartphone and personal computer. Cortana’s tasks include recording necessary data like videos, images, valuable files, and personal information.

Other than that, it can track essential files from your smart device. It also helps to get information about your favourite TV shows, series, sports, and more on your smartphone on demand.


It is one of the best Artificial Intelligence App for Android to assist you with voice command. Just like google voice search, Hound responds to ‘Ok Hound’ and performs any given order.

This voice assistance application combines speech recognition and language understanding into a single action. From weather forecasts, finding nearest restaurants, booking cabs, to perform calculations, Hound does it all for you.

In conclusion, Artificial Intelligence is taking the world by storm. This exciting technology has an enormous range of applications that will revolutionize the world as we know it. Businesses in almost every industry are rushing to implement AI, improving their customer satisfaction levels or business operations. To stay relevant, companies invest in AI and get ahead of the competitors because if they do nothing, there is a chance of getting left behind.

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