Blue Black Hair Ideas
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Blue Black Hair Ideas That Everyone Is Talking About

Change is inevitable, and if you have been trying other colours and you want to take a plunge and try blue black hair, definitely you have landed to the right page. Here we have highlighted several ways you can achieve this amazing hair look and make it pop.

This colour combo can give you a sleek and cute look, but it can also go overhand and give you unexpected results. You might be thinking about total colour treatment, flunking up everything with bold blue highlights or merely choosing the blue for the entire look; either way, to get what you aim for, it is essential to choose a tone that is ideal for you. Here is a fantastic read.

  • Funky, Fun Bob.

Including cool blue accents to a simple bob will give your bob some life. Those blue highlights are amazing in the messy wash and go style.

  • Peek-A-Boo Hue.

For a ridiculously striking and bold colour, include some bright blue highlights below the upper layers to come up with a fun and chic look.

  • Long, Tousled Layers.

Style that midnight blue black hair look using blue hue over dark hair. We are pretty sure it will leave your hair appearing luscious, your layers enhanced, and the style striking and appealing to the eye.

  • Colourful Casual Curls.

This blue black hair style works excellently with long styles. The blue highlights are added to add some fun and improve texture for a playful look. Rock this style sleek, so the blue shade is not obviously revealed or opt to tussle the style up and let the hue to shine through. Whichever way you style it, we love all ways.

  • Fashion Forward Crop.

Give your short haircut some life with blue black hair colour update. The violet midnight blue is striking and fun as it gets; fashionable, unique, and ideal for any skin colour. This fresh blue and black cut leaves us envious to get the same.

  • Colour Transformation.

Bold, beautiful, and fun; this hairstyle with blue highlights exudes style and attitude. The medium messy cut is the best base for such a relaxed hair colour option.

  • Relaxed Style.

Get another different dimension with a relaxed and tousled hairstyle with midnight blue accents. This works explicitly magic with black locks, but that is not to say cannot be used to bring some touch of elegance and style to naturally dark hair.

  • Purple Pixie.

Colouring is an exceptional way to create a real style statement. It will give you a look that is daring and seems as if you are ready to face anything that comes on your way. An allover blue and black hair colour with some purple tints will give you a real fashion impact to refresh your looks.

  • Cool Curls.

Give your naturally black hair some life by colouring it with blue and black hair shade all over. The combination of blue and black colours gives your hair depth and is stylish. It never gets more elegant than this.

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