How To Examine Your Tenure Of Your Loan Against Property

How To Examine Your Tenure Of Your Loan Against Property

When people need a large sum of money, they have to sell their Property to fulfill their fund needs, that leads to loss of possession of the Property. Rather than selling off your Property, whether residential or business, it’s a right option to mortgage it and avail loan against the Property. It wouldn’t just help meet the specified fund’s requirement, it also enables allow you to retain possession of the Property.

If you are seeking funds that can help to meet your expenditures, a loan against the Property is a better option. Whether you are seeking to fund your wedding expenses, business expansion, buying new land, unforeseen medical expenses, or planning for a vacation, you can simply apply for a Loan against Property.

Loan Against Property is a secured loan option because its repayment is guaranteed as the borrower puts his/her property as collateral. As a result, it attracts a lower interest rate because the financier is assured of loan repayment. This makes the loan EMIs more affordable than any other loan option.

Loan Tenure

In addition to loan EMIs and interest rates, tenure of the loan is an important aspect that must be thought of before availing a loan against Property from a bank or other financial institution. Borrowers have the option to customize the loan tenure in line with their repayment capacity.

Lenders usually come with a longer repayment tenure up to 15-20 years for loan against Property, which is relatively longer than different loan options like personal loans that typically extend up to 5-years tenure. Since shorter tenure means higher EMI payout, think about choosing a higher tenure that will ensure to lower monthly EMIs. To cut the interest cost, try to pay the loan whenever you have additional funds, considering pre-payment charges.

Importance of choosing the right loan tenure

In addition to the cost aspect, picking the correct tenure helps you to pay your EMIs with ease, with no stress on your finances. Following area number of other benefits:

  • It helps you to maintain a good credit score, thereby help you to obtain really competitive rates on any of your future loan applications.
  • It helps you to manage your finances effectively and can simply achieve your various financial goals.

Factors affecting the tenure of your Loan Against Property

  • There are numerous factors that play a deciding role in deciding the tenure of your Loan against Property:

Loan amount

The loan amount you would like impacts the tenure of the loan directly. Usually, the higher loan amount comes with a longer tenure. The longer tenure eases the compensation of loans since it reduces the EMIs because the quantity of loan spreads out over an extended amount, thereby reducing the burden of compensation on your monthly budget.

Longer tenure additionally will increase the eligibility for the next quantity of loan against your Property. Online calculators are obtainable to calculate the eligibility and best tenure for your needed quantity of loan.

Interest rates and EMIs

The interest rate on your loan and also the sequent EMIs plays a significant role when deciding the tenure of the loan. If you want to possess low EMIs, it’ll have a prolonged tenure. In case, you are comfy with paying higher EMIs; you’ll want short tenure and save on the interest cost.

The interest rate on loan directly affects the EMIs. A lower rate leads to a reduced EMIs that successively will shorten your loan tenure. On the opposite hand, higher interest rates can increase the payback amount, and thence, the tenure also will be longer.

Your age and income

Your current age and income also are crucial in deciding the tenure of the loan against your Property. If you’re within the 30s or early 40s, you’ll want a prolonged tenure. However, if you’re nearing your retirement age, you would like to shorten your loan tenure as your income could stop or cut back after your retirement. Your tenure depends on your earnings and expenses.

If you’ve got unsteady income, it’s higher to settle on a protracted tenure, thus to save your CIBIL score for the future to ensure easy access to future loans. There are various online EMI calculators that help you to choose the right loan tenure for your specific loan amount


Among a number of loan choices provided by banks, a comparatively standard product is that the Loan against Property or mortgage. It is one of the preferred loan options, as it usually allows you to borrow a large sum of money and meet your cash requirements. It usually comes with simple documentation, speedy approvals, and multiple repayment options.

A Loan against Property is an effective way to raise funds that you need for any personal or business expenses. It’s quite important to choose the correct tenure for your loan upon considering the above-specified factors.

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