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How to Fish your Opponent in Online Rummy Games

Indian Rummy is a fast-paced and fun game that requires mastery and execution of skill to win. There are a set of tricks and techniques which are closely guarded by the professionals to gain the upper-hand in the game and eventually attain victory. Trapping the opponent into submission is a noteworthy and exceptional skill that only a few people can master. Indian Rummy games which are online and played for cash prizes are extremely competitive and having one or two tricks up your sleeve can serve as an advantage at a specific point in the game. Before we discuss baiting the opponent, following are some tips to win an Indian Rummy game:

  • Get the pure sequence. Getting this sequence early in the game is desirable. If the opponent declares and shows his or her cards before you, the pure sequence would ensure you do not get the sum of the values of every card that you have at that point.
  • Follow your opponents’ moves. Take notice of the cards that your opponent is picking from the open deck or the discard pile. Doing this gives you an idea of the combinations of your opponent and helps you in deciding what cards to hoard and what to discard.
  • Get rid of the cards which have high points. Cards like Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 increase your point burden which is disadvantageous if the opponent declares before you.
  • Acquire the Jokers. If you already have a pure sequence, the Jokers will help in completing the remaining sequence and set. They are essentially squandered in a pure sequence but can be a game-changer and are extremely desirable otherwise.

In hindsight, Indian Rummy might seem a simple game to learn and play. Yet, if you are lackadaisical and do not focus on improving and correcting your mistakes, you will not be able to progress and succeed in the art of playing Indian Rummy. Professionals hone a lot of techniques and skills to get the win, and one must always stay vigilant and notice every move being played in the game.

Fishing in Online Indian Rummy

If you are an experienced online Indian Rummy player who has mastered the game, you can trick the opponent into discarding the cards that you require to complete the sequences or the set. Fishing is alternatively known as chumming. It can also be called baiting. Following is an example of Fishing in online Indian Rummy:

Suppose you are searching for a 10 of Hearts or Diamonds to complete a set of 10 of Spades and 10 of Clubs, you can choose to get rid of the Jack of Hearts or 9 of Hearts or Spades, depending which suit you have presently in your hand. If you play this move, your opponent might discard the 10 of Hearts assuming that you are not in the position to form any other sequence or set with it, unaware of your trick. Hence, you can simply pick up the card from the discard pile and form the required set freely. This trick works on experienced and inexperienced players alike. But stay vigilant, as an opponent of similar experience can trick you the same way. Smartness resides in duping the opponent into getting rid of the card you require. Another possible example would be:

  • You have to create a sequence of Ace, One, Two, and Three of Clubs. At the moment, you have Ace, One, Two, and Four of Clubs. You can discard the 4 of clubs and dupe your opponent into believing you do not need the 3 of Clubs.
  • The opponent may or may not consider discarding the 3 of Clubs. If he or she does discard the card, you can pick it up, thereby completing your sequence. This method of baiting the opponent into discarding the required card is called fishing.

This technique might seem that it requires luck, and it partly does. Yet, a ton of experience and skill in the game is required to execute this trick. Professionals use this technique extensively in online Indian Rummy games to gain the upper-hand in the game and consequently win.

One more example of this technique would be:

Suppose you are grouping a set of three King cards and you have King of Hearts and King of Spades, then discarding a Queen of Clubs might confuse your opponent. He or she can then discard the King of Clubs, and you can simply pick it up. This method of misleading your opponent and forcing him to throw the card you want can work but there are no guarantees as it entirely depends on the individual.

Fishing is a phenomenal technique, but it works on the element of probability. The opponent can choose to not discard the card you require, or he or she can be fooled into discarding the card. Both the options are likely and Fishing does not guarantee you will acquire the card.


Indian rummy is a simple and fascinating game to play. It requires knowledge of probability and the skill to trick your opponents and gain an advantage over them to win the game. Fishing is an effective technique that can do that. It requires experience and skill to master assuming the opponent is an equally skilled individual. Hence, fishing is one of the weapons which you should carry in your arsenal.

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