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Modi’s Achievement | Narendra Modi Prime Minister Of India Achievement 2018-2019 | BJP Government Bharat

As general election 2019 are round the corner, BJP is trying their best to remain on top of the game. Especially they have to show numerous achievements under their belt.

In press conferences and interviews top BJP ministers are talking about modi government’s achievements over the past five years.

Under the leadership of Narendra modi, Indian economy is booming. In this article read some of the biggest achievements of BJP under the leadership of Narendra Modi.

Strengthened economy

Under Narendra modi’s leadership, Indian state Gujarat become one of the most productive states in the country. And he has successfully replicated the same for the country. Indian economy is growing day by day, he has successful to bring a lot of investment, and now Japan is investing in the first bullet train in the country. Indian economy is progressing over 7% per year, which is a good sign for future.

Improved international relations

Narendra Modi visits to foreign countries made a lot of foreign friends. These are biggest achievement of Narendra Modi to bring FDI (foreign direct investment) to India.  Foreign relationships are improved through these visits and tours. Recenty after Pulwama attack, over 50 countries across the Globe supported India against fight terrorism.  After launching South Asian satellite India is in the league of becoming next Asian superpower.

Change in attitude on international issues

Before Narendra Modi’s government India is considered as defensive country and a peace maintain one. But Narendra Modi shows aggressive way to deal with sensitive issues. Surgical strike in POK and destroying bases are few of them. After Pulwama attack, Government refuses to bow down to the international pressure and conducted aerial strike successfully.

Increased internal security

There is still tension of borders and Pakistan is continuously making crossfire, it results in much causality of soldiers. There are so many internal threats like Maoists; India came a long way in securing its internal parts from Jihadi terror groups.

Make in India and Digital India

 Make in India and Digital India is one of the biggest successful plans of the government.  Under these plans it is to be assured that MNCs start their manufacturing and R&D in the country and this results in generating employment and thus contributing to the economy. Through make in India initiative many countries have came forward and signed deals with the respective governments and the central government results in boost of foreign direct investment and employment.

Through Digital India initiative brings Indian citizens in the mainstream economy. Promoting e-ways which promises broadband connectivity in all the villages in India by 2020, will prove to be biggest success in the future.

A government with a clean image

Narendra modi’s government proven that they have clean image. In India, politics is considered as corrupt.  Previous governments were under criticism for scams like CWG, 2G spectrum scam. BJP under leadership of Narendra Modi has not faced any such corruption charges. That is one of the biggest achievements of Modi.

These are some of the achievements of BJP under the leadership of Narendra Modi’s Government. Stay tuned for more updates.

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