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Most important health check every kid should get

Health is wealth; this is one of the most essential and significant quotes in the history of humanity. The people that came up with this phrase knew the impact of leading a healthy life.

Nowhere is this quote more relevant than in the life of minors. As a parent, your role includes going above and beyond to ensure the good health and wellbeing of your children.

Being parents, our children are our top priority, and it’s with that in mind that we’ve compiled this helpful list for you.

Vision and Hearing

We don’t have to go over how vital hearing and vision is to everyone; it’s critical for you as a parent to ensure that everything is well in terms of your child’s sight and hearing.

Your child’s vision should be tested before they begin kindergarten at around age three; they may also need vision tests as they grow.

Hearing testing is also advised at around three to four years. Ensure you carry out further hearing and vision checks if you notice any of these symptoms in your child, eyes turning inward or outward, squinting, inadequate response to voice, abnormal sounding speech, and blurred vision among others.

Blood Pressure

Gone are the days when blood pressure wasn’t a thing to be worried about with kids, but times are changing.

Your child should have regular blood pressure measurements, starting from around three years old; the last thing you want is to discover high blood pressure in your little one too late.

High blood pressure in kids can be a sign of something dangerous; high blood pressure may also be a sign of an unknown disease.

You can also buy a small blood pressure checker for your home so you and your family can track blood pressure changes and lead a healthier life.

Dental Care

Dental care is a critical aspect of a healthy life. You should ensure that your kids and entire family get periodic dental checks to avoid decay.

Part of maintaining your children’s dental hygiene includes brushing twice daily with fluoride-rich toothpaste and avoiding meals that’ll lead to decay.

If you live in Swansea, New Haven or its environs then you’re in luck, there’s a dental service that offers a wide range of dental care ranging from general dentistry through cosmetic and orthodontic treatments all the way up to full mouth rehabilitation.


You should be fully aware of all your child’s allergies as early as possible so you’ll be in a better position to help them out and guide them away from potential hazards.

Allergies occur when your child’s immune system reacts negatively to substances that are harmless to most of the population.

Different types of food, certain insect stings, animals, pollen, and sulphur are all examples of potential hazards that can lead to allergic reactions in children.

If you think your child might be allergic, contact a physician today.

Regular checkups

We’ve saved the best for last; the best way to keep your entire family safe would be regular health checks.

These checks can help you and your physician identify health issues during their formative years, thereby helping you treat diseases before they get out of hand.

When your kids visit a physician for a health check, your doctor will identify your family’s medical history, including a history of diseases in older generations.

You doctor may decide to include a general health check when you visit for a completely different reason, and they’ll let you know how often your family needs these checks.

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