Should Your Company Host a Hackathon?

There are reasons for everything and that is the fact. The thing that hackathons are everywhere these days is the truth. You can find hackathons that are absolutely effective, professional and outstanding. There are myriad of things that you can do to ensure that your business grows changes with the changing trends and leave an impact on the masses.

Well, it might interest you that over eighty percent of the Fortune hundred companies do conduct hackathons.  Yes, adding to this there are more than 1000+ hackathons out there that get conducted every year around the world and forty eight point five percent of them are carried out by private companies. Yet, hackathon is sadly still an underutilized instrument when talking about corporate innovation.  come on, if you don’t know much about the concept of hackathon and you feel that you cannot host one then you can take assistance of professionals like Hackathon company. These experts can help you in conducting your hackathons and get you the glory you deserve.

Actually hackathon is an event wherein a bunch of programmers do come or gather to collaborate and code on a specific project lasting a couple of days, characteristically 48 hours. It is absolutely true in the literal sense. It is like a space wherein professionals accumulate and come up with their new inventions. They are given a task and they come up with the projects or products that they can make.   There are powerful reasons that companies conduct hackathons happily and these are like:

You create something new

First of all if you are conducting a hackathon, you have already briefed about the topic you would be having right? Now, participants from different companies, businesses and organizations come to take part in your hackathon. In this way, new ideas get executed and you come up with some new products and items. Since there are groups in the hackathon and every group makes something different, something that has to do with the central topic or theme of the hackathon; you are sure to get a few good and ground-breaking things by the end of the event. Of course, such a thing expands your knowledge, gives you new perspectives and you grow with a bang! Of course, when the participants create something new in the hackathon, you get to know about the future perspectives of the things and how something can be taken and modified for better usage and outcomes.  It might interest you also that every group out there do give a presentation and demonstration about the thing they have invented. In this way there remains awareness about all the things happening. Everyone in the hackathon event gets to know about what people made and hence there is a lot of newness in the air by the end of the event.

You reach out to the best talents

Yes, if you are a company and you are looking for some fresh talent in your business then hackathon can be a great deal for you.  When dedicated groups having passionate individuals would work on their respective projects and everything; you would get to know about everyone. You can know what they are and if any of them can become an asset for your business. Of course, you can offer a job to any of the individuals who have gathered in the hackathon. In this way you would end up with a lot of growth and progress in your profession.  Since everyone would perform in front of you and later on tell about their project, you would know about their calibre.

How to deal with the pressure

Since your employees are also participating in the hackathon, they would get to taste the real pressure. Of course, your employees would know what they are and how they are performing. They would have forty eight hours on their plate and they have to come up with something that demands hard work, intelligence and creativity. Since there would be a competition and a lot of pressure; their pressure dealing capacities would expand for sure.   Of course, one your employees go through the pressure of a hackathon, they are certainly going to be more powerful at their work. They would be able to deal with their pressure in the work place in a more effective manner once they have pressure dealing skills.

High confidence and group work

In case you feel that your employees are really good at their work but they lack confidence then you have to bring this out of them. You have to make them taste the flavour of real confidence. You have to familiarise them with the confidence they have in them. Of course, since they would be exposed to the environment of a hackathon and they have to perform in the event; there would be challenges on their way and they have to deal with them all. By the end of the hackathon they have to give a presentation about their product or project. Hence, they would get a lot of confidence by doing so. If their product gets praise they are going to experience so much of confidence for sure.

Moreover, you must be having an idea that these hackathons are made up of groups. It means all the participants in the hackathon are divided into groups. In this way they all work in a group and come up with a project. Now, since people would work with the individuals in the groups who are new to them; they would develop a skill of working in groups. Hence, your employees would learn to work in groups and know the benefit of working in a group. They would know how to coordinate, work under pressure and have belief in the other members of the group. All these things are important for your employees to know.

Thus, having all these things in mind, you should not miss out on hackathon. Whether you are a small company or a bigger one; you can make a good deal out of a hackathon.

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