ayurvedic treatment for raynaud's

The ayurvedic treatment for raynaud’s

Raynaud’s phenomenon is a health condition where the small blood vessels tend narrow down due to the low temperature or due to too much of stress. The blood flow to the finger, ears, toes and nose is restricted temporarily.

Possible causes for the disease

The possible causes to this particular disease is yet not known. This condition is more common in women especially the ones who live in places that are colder as compared to women who live in hotter climates.


The symptoms for this health condition tend to be different in each person however the most common symptoms include body parts turning white and then blue due to the exposure to the cold temperature or stress. This attack can last for a few minutes or it can also last for almost an hour. Once the blood starts flowing naturally, the areas that are affected tend to become excessively red and finally turn into the normal color.There are some people who suffer from secondary raynauds and this is not at all a very comfortable feeling. This is because you tend to experience some sort of a burning sensation, a stinging and at times may even develop gangrene and painful ulcers. There are certain best ayurvedic treatment for raynaud’s and you can certainly opt for those treatments.

How does ayurveda help in treating this raynaud’s disease

With the help of ayurevedic treatment, the number as well as the severity of raynaud’s attacks can be reduced and this helps in preventing the damage caused to the tissues and also treating the underlying cause that actually causes these diseases. In order to prevent the spasms that are caused in the arteries, certain medicines belonging to the Rakta – Prasaadak categories are used. These medicines include saariva, manjishtha, suraanjan, chopchini, khadeer, mundi, haridra, guduchi, kaishor – guggulu etc.

If a person is suffering from the renaud’s disease, it is important that he or she adapts some major life style changes and also avoid certain factors that lead to perspiration. Ayurveda and raynaud’s go hand in hand and treating this disease with ayurveda is certainly the best choice.

Know more about certain home remedies for this disease

  • Ginkgo biloba is a stimulant for the circulatory system. This works slowly because it takes a few months for this to completely get into the system. However, it is proved beyond doubt that it has successfully reduced the symptoms for this disease.
  • The various nutritional supplements also help in reducing this disease considerably. If an individual takes fatty acid supplements regularly, it can reduce the severity of this disease to some extent. Vitamin D3 can also reduce the symptoms of this disease.
  • There are also certain relaxation techniques, that helps in reducing this health condition. So whatever medicines you are taking, it should be coupled with the various relaxation techniques so as to have the best effect of this disease.
  • Certain foods that are rich in minerals like sodium and potassium are helpful at this stage. So eating bananas will help in reducing the symptoms of these diseases.

If you follow all these tips mentioned above, the symptoms for these diseases will be reduced considerably.


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