Right natural carpets

The Right natural carpets You Can Opt for Now

A carpet is a woven or non-woven product designed to cover floors and walls. The carpet protects the room from the cold coming from the floor, absorbs noise, helps to normalize humidity, and also plays a decorative role. With the help of carpets, they delimit the space of the room.

Carpets can be divided into two categories

Woven – spectacular in appearance, strong, durable, but quite expensive.

Nonwovens are a cheaper option. Such carpets are found in two types:

Needle-Stitched (tufted) – in appearance and quality they are close to woven products, with greater practicality and lower cost. Needle-stitched natural carpets can be looped, piled or combined.

Contemporary rugs

Natural Material

Eco-friendly, strong, durable, perfectly retain heat, absorb moisture and allow air to pass through. The pile in natural carpets has good elasticity. Natural carpets are pleasant to the touch, but they are expensive, difficult to maintain (do not tolerate moisture) and can cause allergies.

Wool is an outdated option that is less and less common in apartments. Despite this, woolen carpets are spectacular in appearance, pleasant to the touch, have high thermal insulation qualities and serve for a very long time (up to 50 years). The high price, the tendency to quickly get dirty and affected by moths, the limited color and design solutions made the woolen carpet irrelevant.

Important: when choosing a woolen carpet, you need to find out if it has been treated with special compounds that protect it from moths and mold.

Silk is lightweight, pleasant to the touch, beautiful and durable, retaining color longer than other materials. A shiny silk rug changes shades depending on the light, and a fine silk thread allows you to achieve an unusually detailed pattern. Due to these qualities, a silk carpet is often referred to as a work of art. Silk rugs are especially good for wall decoration.

A silk carpet is very expensive and requires special care, since it does not tolerate prolonged exposure to UV rays (it may fade), and if the washing regime is violated, it will shed.

Important:To distinguish a silk carpet from a viscose (rayon) product, you should cut off several threads of the fringe and set them on fire. Silk will blacken and smell like burnt hair, and viscose will turn into white ash that smells like burnt paper.

Cotton is a thin, soft and inexpensive material that does not accumulate static electricity. The disadvantages of a cotton carpet are: increased ability to absorb moisture, low strength and resistance to wear. Such a carpet can be used for interior zoning, placing color accents.


Jute is a relatively inexpensive and fairly durable material. Jute carpets shrink when exposed to liquid.Sisal is a durable fiber that is resistant to wear and dirt. Such a carpet is easy to maintain, does not cause allergies, but absorbs moisture strongly. Wool and jute are often added to sisal – they increase its strength and durability.Leather carpets are a modern trend. Products that are soft and pleasant to the touch look very impressive, but they have a high price. Sometimes they are irregular because they are made from shreds.

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