Things to keep in mind when one has Varicocele

Things to keep in mind when one has Varicocele

Male infertility is something which can lead a conjugal life to trouble. Though men have far less possibility of infertility as compared to that of women Varicocele is definitely one of the leading causes of male infertility. It is said that men who gets affected from Varicocele, they get affected after reaching their adulthood.

Now the question is what exactly is a Varicocele? Well, it is a kind of an enlarged vein within the scrotum which is very similar to varicose vein of the leg. This Varicocele drains blood away from one or both the testicles. When the valves in the vein lose strength and fail, then Varicocele happens. But there is no concrete reason behind the formation of Varicocele and they form mostly on the left side. As time passes, this can become larger and dilate which in turn can increase the chance of infertility. When there is Varicocele then the sperm production on both the testicles gets affected. One can go for Varicocele herbal treatment to get some relief from the problem.


When one is suffering from Varicocele then they can face:

  • Discomfort of the scrotum and testicles like the feeling of heaviness and dullness.
  • A feeling of relief when lying on your back.
  • Discomfort worsens as the day goes ahead.
  • An enlargement in the area of the scrotum.

Treatment Options

There are some surgical and medical treatment options available when it comes to Varicocele. Surgically sealing of the veins can redirect the blood flow to the healthy and normal veins.  There are very limited risks associated with this.

But at the same time there are some natural treatment options as well which one can follow. They can be a perfect complimentary treatment option with the medicines.

  • One needs to eat whole food as their fertility diet. These whole foods can work as an anti oxidant and it protects the cells from radical damages and sperms are cells as well.
  • Avoid the exposure to environmental toxins. It can help to prevent the sperm from getting exposed to lesser toxins present in the blood.
  • Wear supportive underwear. One can go for boxer briefs which can allow adequate temperature of the testes and provide adequate support as well. Do not wear regular boxers.
  • There should be proper intake of anti oxidants in the body so that they can protect the sperm and the delicate DNA. For that, one needs to have intake of peppers, goji berries, green vegetables and herbs.
  • Intake of cod liver oil is very important. This is because it is high in omega 3 essential fatty acids and at the same time it has a proper impact on the viability of the heath of sperm. This prevents the sperms from malnutrition.
  • One also needs to drink a proper amount of fluid so that they can release toxins properly from the body.

One can also go for herbal medicines for Varicocele but before that taking expert advice is needed.

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