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Top 10 Films Featuring Tsunamis | Top List Tsunami Adventure Movies 2004 – 2108

Earth surface is consist of 71% of water, and no wonder movie makers like to make some flick into the public’s subconscious fear tidal waves. Here are some of the cinematic moments when the ocean turns nasty.

  • The Last Wave

In this epic flick tsunami is about to wipe out Sydney only appears for a very short time and that is to the very end of the movie, where lawyer David Burton Discovers far too late that the bad weather and Australian Aboriginal spiritual nonsense messing with his head are somehow intertwined.

  • When The Time Ran Out

This is one of the dumbest Hollywood big budget disaster movies ever made, in this the cheesy tidal waves plays second fiddle to a volcano. This volcano erupts and destroys a posh star studded island resort in the pacific. While the A-list stars escaped the lava, and those B and belo list stars get wiped out immediately when the tsunami hits.

  • The Abyss

In this movie an underwater creature decide to send a message in the form of tsunami to nuclear war-hungry mankind. This tsunami also hits some off the east and west coasts of the US. These waves created by creature do not appear in the original version- only in the James Cameron’s special sedition, which came out circa 1993.

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  • Meteor

This movie is about a giant fragment of meteor which lands in the Pacific, causes a powerful tidal wave making its wave to Hong Kong. A bad disaster, not too many people in the bay area get out alive.

  • Poseidon

This flick is about a giant wave hits a luxurious cruise liner and flip it upside down. On New Year’s Eve this giant wave crashes into the luxurious cruise Poseidon. And passengers on board are struggling to find a way to survive.

  • Krakatoa, East of Java

After the massive 1883 volcanic eruptions on the island of Krakatoa, a series of tidal ways wipe out a fishing village. Caption of the cargo ship try to navigate his passengers and crew to safety. Despite the fact the special effects have aged somewhat over the past 45 years, it’s still quite fun to watch.

  • Deep Impact

New York City cops it after a comet fragment plunges into the Atlantic and creates a giant tsunami which wipes out not only the Big Apple, but also Washington DC and a whole lot more of the US eastern seaboard. As Jason Lerner, Maximilian Schell is unable to conquer this one; instead he stands defiantly on the beach looking out to sea holding his daughter Jenny as they humbly await their fate.

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  • 2012 (Roland Emmerich, 2009)

One of the most successful Hollywood blockbuster movies ever made. In this tidal wave flick, Waves hit all part of the word from Washington DC and Tibet to inland China, where humankind has constructed a bunch of arcs in large mountainous caverns to help save the privileged few after the Earth’s core heats up and causes the tectonic plates to go completely haywire. Things look particularly bad for the Americans (and a bunch of international refugees) at one point when a giant wall of water smashes a parked Air Force One into their escape vessel.

  • Hereafter

After tsunami of 2004 hits a French television Journalist Marie almost drowns after being pulled under the deluge. This near death experience made her into writing a book about the cover-up regarding life after death.

  • Lo Imposible

During a holiday in Thailand, Henry Bennett, his wife Maria and their three sons Lucas, Thomas, and Simon get separated when the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004 hits their island resort. The story is based on the experiences of Maria Belon and her family,  who were there on the day and somehow all miraculously survived the ordeal.

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