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Transforming Your Temp Job To Perm Employment When Employed By A Job Agency

It is the dream of every job searcher to get the job he/she has been dreaming of. On the other hand, due to a lot of competences in the job market, the company owners are keen to screen the job seekers and only pick the highly competent one. They might do in-house recruitment or seek help from a job agency. Most job agencies employ the ideal candidate as a temp to hire. In this arrangement, the company is able to observe the candidate, and if he is fit for the position, he is employed usually after three to six months. When this period elapses, the worker becomes eligible for full-time employment. However, this is not guaranteed because if the employer is not impressed by the candidate’s performance, he can decide to dismiss him.

The risk one takes by taking on a temp to hire jobs makes these jobs unfavourable to most candidates. However, over the years, we have seen the increasing appeal to these jobs, and more and more job seekers are willing to take them. So, when employed by the employment agencies Toronto, how do you increase your likelihood of transforming your short-term job to full employment? Here are essential tips.

  1. Execute Your Duties As If You Are Already Employed Permanently.

All you require to retain that perm job you go through a job agency is to have a positive mindset. If you set your mind that this is a long-term job, you will be able to walk your thought. From the moment you get that offer letter, you ought to start executing your duties like you own the job perpetually. Make sure that you report to your workplace earlier and don’t go home until you complete all the projects for that day. Going extra miles in your tasks will also show that you are 100% committed to attaining the goals of the firm.

  1. Adhere To The Company Dress Code.

The way you dress will, to some extent, determine whether you are going to keep your job. Formal dressing shows that you are committed to your job. Read the policies of the company and consult with other employees to know more about the dressing code of the firm.

  1. Understand Company Culture.

There is a notion that most temp to hire employees employed by the employment agencies Toronto do not care about learning the culture of the firm. Learn about the corporation culture, customers, mission, income, etc. Showing your apprehension for the company sends impulses to the management that your mind is set for a long-term engagement.

  1. Be Patient.

It is human that during the period in the company, you will be wondering whether you will be absorbed permanently by the company or not. Don’t be tempted to go and ask the management or the job agency that employed you. Be patient and show them that you are interested in working with them for the long term through your hard-work and work ethos.

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