Styles of Window Replacement Oakville

Understanding the Different Styles of Window Replacement Oakville

Are you planning to do window replacement Oakville this winter? You are reading the right article. Regardless of what you are intending to achieve with your new replacement windows, getting the right windows is not an easy task. Whether you want to improve the curb appeal of your home or enhance energy efficiency in your home, you will find many different styles of replacement windows and choosing from these options is not easy.

That is why we decided to draft this article so that you can understand various window styles available in Oakville. If you know the characteristic of each window design, it will be easy to make the right choice for your window replacement Oakville project. Check the following window styles and what differentiates them.

  • Bay and Bow Windows.

 These are common styles for window replacement Oakville. They are designed to protrude past the wall, and that is important because they add more space in your room. Aesthetically bay windows are best for modern houses while bow windows look great on traditional homes. If cost is the main factor you are considering, then you should go for bay windows since they are less expensive compared to bow windows.

  • Picture Windows.

If you need to observe your beautiful garden or you live near the ocean, and you want to enjoy the sight of these things, then you should opt for picture windows. They are usually bigger than typical windows, and they don’t open. As such, they are not good styles of windows to choose if you need ventilation.

  • Single and Double Hung Windows.

Perhaps the most used styles for window replacement Oakville. The primary difference between these two styles is the number of sashes that open. In single hung windows, only one sash opens while the other remains fixed. In double hung windows all sashes are operable.

  • Sliding Windows.

If you know glass doors, then sliding doors will be easy for you to understand since they resemble each other. They feature two sections created from single windows. It is one window section that slides horizontally over the other to close or open. Sliding windows designs are best for homes with short walls since they don’t need a lot of vertical space. They usually make the walls look taller, while still offering the same amount of ventilation offered by single and double hung windows. You can get them in 3 lite and 2 lite Oakville windows styles.

  • Casement Windows.

Casement windows are also prevalent Oakville windows used by homeowners. The window is hinged to the frame on the side of the unit. They can be used singly or several of them within the frame, therefore they are hinged on the exterior. When opened, they are held in place by use of a casement stay. If the windows are hinged on the top and opened from the bottom, they are called awning windows. If they are hinged at the bottom and opened from above, they are known as hopper window styles.

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