Security of Your Windows

Ways to Keep Your Windows and Doors Edmonton More Secure

Windows and doors Edmonton play an essential role in your home, such as increasing the curb appeal of your home. Unfortunately, they are the main points where one can access your home through. For instance, many thieves take advantage of the reckless of some homeowners who leave their windows unlocked.

The best thing is that there are certain things you can do to make sure your family and property are safe. By practising these steps, you will be able to deal with the security concerns of your windows. Click here for more info.

  1. Make the Necessary Additions to Your Window Units.

To boost the security of your windows and doors Edmonton, you want to add bars and grills to your windows. This reinforces its security and makes it hard for would-be burglars to access your home through the windows.

 However, if you think adding bars and grills will interfere with the aesthetic appeal of your windows, then you can upgrade the locks and make sure that they are locked whenever you are going out, and also before you go to sleep. Besides, you can improve the security of your windows by installing security cameras and also floodlights.

  1. How to Improve the Security of Your Windows.

Many people don’t bother so much about the security of the front doors because they think that they are in an open vicinity and no burglar can target them. However, contrary to this, more than a third of burglars who break into homes, go through the front door. To access your home, they might break the door by kicking it or use lock pins to unlock it. Sometimes, they might find the door already unlocked and enter.

  1. Buy Doors Reinforced with Steel or Wood.

 Having a door reinforced with durable materials such as steel and wood would make it impossible for would-be burglars to kick it and gain entry into your home. Reinforced steel and wood and quite resistant to damage and last for a long time. However, you can also choose doors reinforced with fibreglass or metal. But if you choose metal or fibreglass, you would want to add interior reinforcement so that a would-be-thief cannot utilize a car jack to bend your door.

  1. Install Front Doors That Doesn’t Include Smaller Windows.

 Many people like installing front doors with small windows to allow light into their rooms. The issue is that, if the window is near the doorknob, a burglar can break the window, access the doorknob, and open the door. For security reasons, we advise that you opt for doors without smaller windows for your back and front doors.

  1. Reduce Landscaping.

When it comes to ensuring the security of your windows and doors Edmonton, the landscape also matters. Landscaping has many benefits, such as increasing the curb appeal of your home, but it also has some disadvantages. It can be used as a hideout by burglars waiting for the right time to break into your room.

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