Awning Window and Hopper Window
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What Differentiates Awning Window and Hopper Window?

When selecting windows for your home, there are many aspects you should look at apart from the product making the window itself. You need to look at things such as the type of the room, space available for the opening of the room, and the direction which your windows should open. You also have to consider the amount of lighting and ventilation you need. An awning window will provide a different level of ventilation compared to the hopper window.

If you have been into a window store, you should have noticed that some windows look the same, but their functionality is different. There is a reason for that. Each design of the window is designed to be used in different places. This point can well be explained by the hopper and awning windows which appear pretty the same but function differently. So, let’s dig deep into these two designs of windows.

  • The Direction of Operation

The first dissimilarity you will notice between these types of windows is the operational direction. With awnings windows, the sash moves outward from the house while hopper windows sash moves inwards. Depending with the different window companies, the sash is a hopper attached either on the top or bottom part of the window. Awning windows will open during any weather and can help to keep the rain of the house while letting in the fresh air.

  • Energy Rating

The energy rating will depend on the window manufacturer; the differences in the energy ratings will determine the performance of the two types of windows. The seal helps to reduce the gap existing between the sash and the frame locking out any moisture and drafts. Some hoppers windows rely on compression seal, but most utilize the weather-stripping which fills the gap. Weather-stripping is less efficient and is less effective in reducing the energy ratings.  In comparison, awning windows Canada are more useful in saving energy than hoppers as they can close tightly and seal off drafts and moisture from getting into the house.

  • Hardware

The awning windows Canada are fitted with a crank mechanism which functions as a bend down handle that makes it easy to close and open the windows.  Hopper windows, on the other hand, lack this kind of mechanism but have an upward mechanism that automatic latch on the lock the window.  When the window is effectively latched, it is at 90 degrees in such a manner that it prevents it from closing, and should be opened with hand and are suitable for double pane option. These windows are often small with a small maximum size for ease of operating and are commonly used in basements mostly and areas that require tight ventilation.  Both windows look similar but function differently according to the manufacturer’s performance and energy ratings. On the whole, it is prudent to choose awning for bigger areas that would require ventilation; this includes the kitchen area and other parts of the house. Hopper windows cold function well for areas of the house that are least accessible and could need little ventilation and those that ventilation is not a big concern.

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