Top Stock Brokers

Top Stock Brokers in India

Stock brokerage is a risky profession. It is all about numbers. Stockbrokers dabble is shares and are considered intermediaries that help a trader in buying and selling shares. They are registered under SEBI. The stock brokerage firms manage and guide you through the process. There is absolutely no difference between a stockbroker or share broker. […]

Discount Brokers

Importance of Discount Brokers

Agents or the discount brokers are the ones who are the connectors between you and the stock market. They make sure that you approach in the right way after considering all the factors that can have a notable effect on the price of the stocks. They play quite an important role in the whole process […]

mutual funds
Business Finance

What are index mutual funds?

As a new investor, you may have considered investing in the stock market to begin investing. But, it can get challenging to venture into new territory without much knowledge. A safer and proven option would be to consider mutual funds. Here, you may want to know ‘What is a mutual fund?’ or ‘What are the […]