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If you study the history, you can see that the gifts were almost the main thing in relations between families and settlements. The most prominent are the obligations to “give, accept and return” in the ceremony of the Indians called “potlatch”. Potlatch is a festival organized by a certain family in order to distribute gifts and accumulated property to others. The first goal of this ceremony was to pay their debts, the second, no less important handing out gifts, the Indians, as it were, would give a “loan”. And they should have been paid with more generous gifts, so by arranging at first glance a “ruin” for their children, they, on the contrary, took care of their future wealth. There are the custom corporate gifts that you can opt for.

Souvenirs And Their Meaning

n general, the concepts “given gifts” and “received gifts” can be replaced by the words “loan” and “credit”. Understanding such a subtle psychology of the gift, gifts, which are called “souvenirs” in the business, are widely spread and in demand is important. There are several classifications of souvenirs and gifts in the business, more about this can be found in the section “souvenir products”. It is certainly easier to give gifts to colleagues and business partners than to close people, however there are some nuances here. Before ordering gifts and souvenirs, you must first decide on the category of people for whom they are intended.

The Choices for You

A gift is first of all a kind of “message” to a person or a group of people. Such messages as “with respect,” “we wish success in business,” “I think that we can be useful to each other” are expressed in different types of gifts. And, for example, if you scribble people with very expensive gifts, when their meaning and reason are not completely clear, or to give a lot of unnecessary things to a person who doesn’t treat you very well – this can cause alertness and rejection. The desire to meet less with you will be caused by a misunderstanding of how to pay for these gifts. In the use of expensive gifts, perhaps, there is one exception. The custom tote bags are also important here.

Gifts to atone

On the example of business, expensive souvenirs will make happy a dissatisfied customer whom you for some reason have let down, and will restore business relations.

How to Choose Souvenirs And Gifts

Souvenirs and gifts for a particular person are the most successful, if you know a little of it not only from the business side. For example, giving expensive alcohol to a person who does not drink or a golden cigarette case to a person who does not smoke is at least useless. Such a souvenir will cause him a guilty smile and nothing else. It is possible a little, “by chance” to try to find out about the interests of a person, but if this was not possible to give something neutral. Also, as an option, something not very clear is suitable, but it looks like an expensive gift. Some statuette, a glowing globe, an original clock, a souvenir bell, and so on is there. Sometimes a person will not know what to do with it, but it will be difficult to find fault with such a souvenir.

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