Air Duct Cleaning Services

Two Important Questions About Air Duct Cleaning Services

Ever thought when to clean air ducts and what are the signs showing that something is wrong? There are a lot of people who do not pay much attention to their ducts and end up facing problems like they have never faced before. What they do not realize is that air ducts accumulate dust, debris, mold and other pests over the years. Apart from damaging and polluting the internal environment, these contaminants can clog the vents and make them less efficient. This condition imposes lots of pressure on the HVAC system, thereby bringing visible change in the energy bills.

  • For how many times ducts should be cleaned?

There is no doubt in saying that air ducts collect debris even with high quality filters. Tiny particles can find their way into the rooms. No one should also think that having the best filters eliminate the need of air duct cleaning services. Don’t get into the confusion of whether to hire this company or that one to get the job done. Just remember one rule- trust is everything and there are quite a few contractors who managed to gain it.

Living in a highly polluted area requires extra attention and cleaning efforts because the neighbourhood is full of under-construction buildings that create a lot of dust and debris. Air ducts are usually prone to collecting those particles that may either clog or compromise air quality when the HVAC system is turned on.

According to a study, an average duct system requires cleaning after every 2 or 5 years. However, if someone keeps the system in good condition and exchanges filter twice a year, then it’s favourable for the system to work more efficiently. One season is enough to make a disaster and just imagine what would happen if people spend with the same duct for many years.

  • When should the duct be cleaned?

HVAC duct cleaning services usually don’t last long but people have to dedicate enough time for the service provider to conveniently work on the project as needed. There should be enough efforts and leverage to bring the best out of air duct cleaning services. But, ever though what’s the right time to do so? What time is “RIGHT” for the cleaning project? Well, it’s either the spring or early fall when the HVAC system doesn’t need to heat or cool the property.

People would have experienced that musty or dusty smell when they turn out the system. It actually shows the need of cleaning by a professional. Chances are high that the air ducts are contaminated and have accumulated dirt and debris. These contaminants move around the rooms with hot or cold air, thereby creating health hazardous for people living in the home. So, what turns out to be necessary is professional duct cleaning to get rid of that strange smell and allergens.

Now last but not the least, make sure to call the experts after finishing home renovation. It makes sense to choose this time as it’s when the newly refurbished area doesn’t cause hurdles during the project.

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